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Having been painting for almost 29 years now, I've had the experience of being introduced to, and applying what some companies are selling as 'lifetime coatings'. From my perspective the potential for a paint job to last a lifetime is tenuous at best. And many fly-by-night companies are all too eager to sell you what they say is a lifetime coating. They go by many different names, most of them are mostly hype.

However, when such well known and quality paint manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee on their top-of-the-line products, you have to believe that they are certain that the've manufactured a product that will last and that they will stand behind for an extrodinarily long time! Benajmin Moore Co. offers products that I have used and concur are some of the best paints ever made. Advances in chemistry and technology have obviously increased the performance of many of these products, but for our purposes here we will concentrate on 100% Acrylic Exterior Paint that we all benefit from when painting the exterior of our homes. Here at Dynamic Painting Systems we use Benjamin Moore and their Moor-Guard line and Aura line whe our customers want to obtain the written, lifetime warrenty on the actual materials that is provided by the manufacturer. And inspected by their sales representatives. And in staying with the plan, we will guarantee the labor invovlved with the application of these materials as well. The truth is...How many of us are going to be in a single home for a 'lifetime'! But it's good to know that the best paint out there is going to last for a long time!! And for those who do, then the overall repainting rate for these projects is extremely low because of the longevity of the new paint products. More info can be obtained at Daytona Beach House Painters.

Here is the procedure that is recommended for getting the most out of your exterior paint job:

1. First of all you need a very clean surface to paint.

This is achieved by a number of different processes depending on what you are painting over and how bad a shape is it in? Pressure Cleaning is the obvious place to start on your exterior. Clean dirt, loose paint & chalking. Sometimes it is prudent to use a cleansing solution i.e. some oxygen bleach and/or chlorine(bleach). This can usually be applied with the bleaching tip on your pressure cleaner. The bigger the machine, the better (and quicker!) and should be followed by scraping for really bad surfaces.

2. Then we caulk & patch where needed. This preparation is usually the first thing seen when not done correctly.

3. After you have let everything dry well, then one of the most important steps needed to insure a great finish coat is a clear - penetrating conditioner/ sealer. These products are often recommended as masonry products. But the right sealer will help with many, if not all surfaces including aluminum, vinyl & wood in addition to but not in leiu of other primers needed for a particular surface.

4. Only now are we ready to apply the first finish coat or topcoat. Of course it is imperative to know that using cheap products here still will only achieve a cheap paint job and you could be painting 3-5 years later because the paint itself, and not the application, has failed! After correct drying time a second coat is also crucial to making sure this paint job will last. You can visit

I myself am not certain how long the paint will last, because I still have not to repaint any of these 'gold standard' paint jobs that I've done since the quality acrylic products have been available from quality manufacturers like Benjamion Moore Co. & Sherwin Williams!

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Jeffrey Whitmer, Dynamic Painting Systems LLC
852 Marley Dr
Port Orange, FL 32128

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